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SuperFood: Blueberries


Anthocyanins are the blue-red pigments found in blueberries. These anthocyanins protect the entire vascular system by strengthening the veins. It boosts the power of Vitamin C to make the nerves very strong, and also to promote very healthy skin structure. 
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Blueberries protect your heart:

The anthocynanins in blueberries are more cardioprotective due to its antioxidant nature in comparison to any other wines out there. Eating blueberries regularly is extremely protective measure you can take to ensure heart health.

Blueberries make your brain smarter

The antioxidants in blueberries reduce oxidative stress and help prevent Alzheimer's disease and Demetia. More research has shown that the brains of old rats mimicked those of younger rats after being fed a blueberry diet. Learning capacity of the brain seems to have improved a lot due to regular intake of blueberries.

Blueberries help fight cancer

Elderly people who eat ellagic acid rich fruits like strawberries and blueberries are protecting themselves from cancer than those who do not consume these fruits. Blueberries also have pectin which potentially saves the bile from turning into cancer causing form. The flavonoid Kaempferol found abundantly in blueberries reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in women.

Blueberries are good for your Guts


Blueberries contain tanins which act as an astringent and prevent harmful bacteria from lining the intestines. Blueberries are also rich in soluble and insoluble fiber which makes the elimination process easy. Blueberries also prevent Urinary Tract Infection as they behave like cranberries in this aspect.

Blueberries have oxalate, so if you have kidney problems, then watch out. Consult your doctor before consuming blueberries to make sure you will be fine.

Eating organic blueberries is best for you as conventional blueberries absorb a lot of pesticides sprayed on them. These pesticides create a havoc in your body and you will be harming yourself.

Always select fresh blueberries that easily move around, be it frozen or fresh.

Frozen blueberries are picked during its peak and flash frozen. They are great for your health.

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Flaxseeds: A Superfood.

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Flax seeds

Flax Seeds Whole

      Flax seeds are a blessing to women. They are rich in lignans that modulate estrogen levels which protects against breast cancer. Flaxseeds promote regular ovulation. They contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins for energy that lasts a long time. It's loaded with fiber which helps solve constipation problems. Flax seeds help reduce clotting time of blood which is great news for heart. The Alpha Linolenic Acid in flax seeds protects the cells in the body boosting immune system. Two Tablespoons of ground flax seeds taken twice daily are extremely good for your health. For women suffering from menopausal symptoms, hot flashes will go down significantly if consumed everyday. Enough research has not been done to determine the effect of flax seeds on the growing fetus. It is advised that pregnant and lactating women stay away from this until enough scientific evidence is published. Opposite effects of breast cancer on fetus has been observed, but more research is still on to prove this.

    Two types of flax seeds are available, Golden and dark brown. They are pretty much the same when it comes to nutrition, so any of the varieties are just fine. Flax seeds can be added to any dish, it makes it taste rich and wonderful.  Grinding flax seeds is the only thing that works in the body. Eating whole flaxseeds is not very helpful. Flax seeds and its benefits have also been featured in the Oprah Winfrey Show to educate the audience about consuming it everyday to improve their health.

The Whole Pregnancy Handbook by Dr. Joel Evans

Eating fermented foods

Fermentation is a process where carbohydrates are broken down into alcohols or acids. Fermented foods are easier to digest and are loaded with probiotics and nutrients.  Bread, cheese, and even beer is fermented. The taste of the food becomes more flavorful.

Try these other options for fermented foods that carry a boatload of nutrition in it.

Kefir, Kimchi, Kombucha, and Tempeh.



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Kefir has a great deal of bad bacteria fighting powers. It cleanses and recolonizes the intestines. It is also full of minerals. Kefir can be made with goat milk, cow milk, coconut milk, soy milk and so on. It has a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system and helps people to sleep well. Kefir can kill bad bacteria like E Coli. Kefir can also reduce high blood pressure. It is loaded with calcium, protein, and potassium. It looks a lot like yogurt, but has way more nutrition than yogurt. Home made kefir is really high in alcohol content which is beneficial. But the risk of contamination is not worth it. Commercial Kefir is not as effective, but definitely worth trying. Kefir made at home looks a lot like cauliflower.


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Kimchi is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is an acquired taste. It is an extremely popular Korean food. The fermentation process releases a very good bacteria that is extremely helpful to the intestines. Kimchi helps in weight loss and promotes immunity. It helps to clear Urinary Tact Infection, shortens cold, reduces acid reflux symptoms, and the benefits are endless. Making it at home and fermenting it is excellent. If it is trouble, then purchasing from a Korean store might be helpful. You can also make salt free Kim Chee. Kim chi has been used to cure stomach ulcers.


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Helps in cleansing the liver. Prevents cancer. Helps relieve arthritis pain. Detoxifies the body and keeps you healthy and clean. It's rich in antioxidants and helps in building the immune system. Be careful about the dangers of making this tea at home. It can cause anthrax like substance which is harmful. It can easily absorb lead if it is made in unsafe containers. Many people have ended up in the hospital and even died because of this. Test a little Kombucha tea if it is the first time you are trying it. It's possible that you might be allergic to it. So be sure that you are well informed before you get started on this drink. It is also a great idea to make sure that your doctor has noted it down that you have started yourself on this drink. Kombucha tea has been around for over 2000 years with great results. So be sure that you are aware of the positives and negatives before you get started.

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Tempeh is very nutritive and contains many health promoting phytochemicals such as isoflavones and soy saponins. Tempeh fermentation produces natural antibiotic agents but leaves the desirable soy isoflavones and most of the saponins intact. Tempeh is a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino acids. The soy protein and isoflavones have many health benefits. Isoflavones strengthen bones, help to ease menopause symptoms, reduce risk of coronary hearth disease and some cancers. Tempeh maintains all the fiber of the beans and gains some digestive benefits from the enzymes created during the fermentation process.

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Tempeh is rich in vitamin B12, fiber, and protein. The proteins are easier to digest and the iron is more bio available. There are usually black spots on it which make people think that their Tempeh is spoilt. Infact, those black spots are a characteristic of Tempeh. You can make your own tempeh at home.


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